Deal-Breakers – Mina Lobo (THAT FATAL KISS tour)

Ohhh, it's that time at last – time for Mina Lobo to guest post on my blog as part of the mini-book tour she's doing for THAT FATAL KISS. Check out Mina's wares below. 😉

Deal-breakers by Mina Lobo

“Hermes is so immature. He lacks a certain authority. While occasionally amusing, I find his ceaseless tricks and jests belie a rather spiteful sort of nature. I find it difficult to consider him marriageable when he is constantly in search of some frivolous amusement or other. He is handsome enough, in his way…”  Persephone wrinkled her nose. “But, no. I want someone with whom I may share lighter moments, to be sure, but also someone who can turn his mind to more serious matters, someone who is capable of intelligent discourse.”

Athena thought again before suggesting, “Then what of Eros? He certainly is pleasing enough to look at and has all of those qualities you admire.”

“Yes, he is an excellent candidate,” Persephone said. “Unfortunately, I find him more suitable for the role of confidante than that of husband.” At Athena’s perplexed look, Persephone elaborated, “I regret to say that I feel no particular yearnings in his direction.”

“Ah!” the elder goddess exclaimed, in the tone of one who had finally come to the heart of a matter. “So you seek a male of authority, wisdom, depth and beauty, as well as one who can stoke your—ahem—internal fires. Well, that seems reasonable enough. Alas, I cannot think of a name to fit such a tall order.” But even as the Warrior Goddess uttered those words, her eyes widened and she became completely still.
The above excerpt comes from the second chapter of my fantasy romance, That Fatal Kiss, set in a mythical Greece. In this segment, Persephone's laying out for Athena what she wants in a mate. In this era, we call those "deal-breakers," right? These are the desirable qualities a person must possess before a more serious connection can be considered (or the undesirable qualities that will "break the deal" if they do exist). Poor Persephone hasn't had much luck finding a fella who fulfills her criteria, but Athena, the Goddess of Wisdom, may have thought up just the right guy…too bad the right guy went about hooking up with Persephone in totally the wrong way. (Totally.)

About a year ago, I thought about what my deal-breakers were and came up with a list of things (incomplete, probably) that I don't want in a partner. To wit, I'm not interested in tying the knot with a dude who:

  • Likes hot weather
  • Prefers Pepsi products to Coke
  • Is a political extremist
  • Is a religious extremist
  • Prefers white wine to red
  • Prefers cats to dogs
  • Is cantankerous
  • Doesn't enjoy the absurdities in/of life as I do
  • Doesn't enjoy my eccentricities
  • Is a sheep (follows the mob)
  • Isn't naturally compassionate
  • Is a racist, or any other bad -ist
  • Thinks the poor and unfortunate brought their conditions upon themselves

I do chuckle a bit when I look at this list (though I am completely serious about the white wine thing), but, you know, you gotta go with what feels right to you, eh?

How about y'all, what are your deal-breakers? An overabundance of facial hair? A penchant for wearing white off-season? Rudeness to waiters? (That last thing is massively uncool and, actually, will be added to my list.) Tell us your deal-breakers in the comments!

*     *     *

About the Book
In That Fatal Kiss, life-giving Persephone seeks a mate but the goddess' mother frustrates her plans. Then Hades, King of the Underworld, spirits Persephone away to rule with him below, as his bride. Yet, even as she awaits rescue, Persephone aches to be consumed by the fire in the dark lord's immortal soul.

About the Author
Mina Lobo writes dark and whimsical romances, dodges the slings and arrows of her outrageous college-aged son, and feels compelled to do things in threes. She digs comedic horror, alternative rock, and Belgian chocolates. (See?)

Visit Mina's Web site, Some Dark Romantic, from September 24 – 29, for your chance to win an e-book copy of That Fatal Kiss!



… ิ อิจิโกะ (จากเรื่อง BLEACH

     เข้าสุ้การจัดอันดับกันอีกคราวหลังจากที่ทางผู้เขียนได้พูดถึงอันดับของผู้ใช้ไฟสุดเนิบไป แต่ก็ยังล่องใจไอตุดนั้นไม่หาย(เก็บอารมณ์แปป)  แต่ว่าปล่อยมันเถอะครับ วันนี้เราก็จะพามาชมอันดับของอนิเมะหรือมังงะที่ได้รับความนิยมอย่าง BLEACH เทพมรณะกันบ้าง คิววันนี้ก็จะเป็น 10 อันดับตัวละครยอดนิยมจากเรื่องจ้า ไปชมกันเลยดีกว่าว่ามีตัวละครตัวไหนถูกใจเพื่อนๆหรือเปล่า


อันดับที่ 10. อุคิทาเกะ จูชิโร่ (จากเรื่อง BLEACH)

อันดับที่ 9. ฮิซากิ ชูเฮย์ (จากเรื่อง BLEACH)

อันดับที่ 8. อุราฮาร่า คิสึเกะ (จากเรื่อง BLEACH)

อันดับที่ 7. มัตสึโมโตะ รันงิคุ  (จากเรื่อง BLEACH)

อันดับที่ 6. ฮิราโกะ ชินจิ  (จากเรื่อง BLEACH)

อันดับที่ 5. ฮิซึกายะ โทชิโร่  (จากเรื่อง BLEACH)

อันดับที่ 4. คุจิกิ เบียคุยะ  (จากเรื่อง BLEACH)

อันดับที่ 3. คุโรซากิ อิจิโกะ  (จากเรื่อง BLEACH)

อันดับที่ 2. อิชิมารุ งิน  (จากเรื่อง BLEACH)

อันดับที่ 1. คุจิกิ ลูเคีย  (จากเรื่อง BLEACH)

ข้อมูลจาก :


[Review] -Movie 2013- One Piece Film Z

To think I never mention it nor post about it is such a shame!!
Yeah, One Piece is my ultimate favourite manga ever!!
I should do an entire entry about the things I like in the story, but it would take too long (more like I'm kind of lazy ^^" but I will someday for sure ^^). But yeah, I so love the manga, everything little thing about One Piece is so good, I think the chara development is one of the best of all (shônen) manga as well as the main characters background stories. Each member of the Mugiwara crew is well developed (be it the past or the present self, it's well done).
Anyway, today I finally watched the latest movie, One Piece Film Z (on BD as my birthday present, thank you lil' bro ^^)

The story itself is okay. In a nutshell, it is about Z, ancient admiral Zephyr of the Marines, who is retired and because he has a hatred for pirates, has decided to create the Neo-Marines to eradicate all of them in the New World (Shin Sekai). For that, he stole strong dynamites from Marine, making himself one more ennemy. After a fight against Kizaru, he is saved by Luffy and his crew but as soon as he learns they are actually pirates, he attacks them and almost destroys Thousand Sunny Go. The Mugiwara goes for a second round, but Luffy loses and more importantly Z steals his straw hat, and thus his promise to Shanks to return it as a great pirate…


Should I for the pros and cons – like/dislike now? Well, let's go for the cons first.
The things that disturbed me are the lack of actions, the rhythm and the end.
First the lack of action, yeah, there barely were fights, and during the actual battles there wasn't much of it, it was either interrupted, unfinished or too short… The opponents were so weak, I was a bit disappointed, I mean only Luffy has a decent fight since he takes the strongest opponent on (which is understandable since he's the captain and strongest), but then, I feel sorry for Zoro… Since the two-year reunion, he hasn't had any decent fight, knowing how strong he really is, it's such a shame to let him fight people way too weak for him… He deserves a real fight! I wan't to see Zoro at full power! He should fight an admiral at least, someone like Kizaru… That'd be much more of his level and a good opponent… On a side note, I'm so happy to see the girls defending themselves, Nami and Robin got real stronger and a lot more confident… Seems like they all realised what it meant to be part of the crew of the king of pirates-to-be, that is one condition to be able to stand next to and accompany Luffy for sure.
Second, there is a lack of dynamics and so, sometimes it feels long because there is no action, overall there is no balance between leisure time, serious moments and fights. And since it's a shônen battle type, we kind of expect a great fight until the end… it doesn't really come…
Last, the end. The fight between Luffy and Z seems to lack of power, but to me, even if it is a simple fists fight (naturally since Z is super strong and doesn't own fruit of demon power) it is so intense! The battle is about powerful fists between Luffy's Red Hawk mode and Z's Black arms. At the end, only Luffy stands up, but they are pretty well damaged. I wish we could have seen the crew leaning towards their next stop (which is Punk Hazard) instead of just seeing them escaping right after the battle… So it felt incomplete…. or more like a long regular episode of 1h47 instead of a movie with a real conclusion… Maybe I just think burying Z is not a right ending since to me the movie should be more focused on Luffy and his crew and not on Z… So even if the story began with Z, I think it should have ended with the crew continuing their journey with Luffy looking at his straw hat and remembering once again his promise with Shanks (since he painfully got it back from Z).

The things I greatly appreciate, new outfits, chara design, last battle, the cool mood around the Mugiwara and the light appearance of some strong figures of the story.
The new outfits are without a doubt one of the things to look forward, there is a cool, friendly and elegant vibe. Each member's style is interesting and well created, I have a huge preference for Zoro's style. Indeed, he tries out the megane style lol but he looks so great! It feels so cool and elegant at the same time. And the Zoro's suit style killed me! It was perfect! I would love it if Brook were in charge of the style of the crew again. And thus, the chara design is particularly good, Ain looks a bit like Robin, but still she looked great, and everyone looks so cool.
As I said earlier, the last battle with Luffy and Z (not Z and the Marines) is very intense knowing it is only a fight with powerful fists. I really liked the dramatic tension within it. And Luffy's red hawk is so impressive (there's a lot of haki in it), I love it.
I was glad to see Aokiji, since the two-year reunion, we didn't get to see him after he left the Marines, but he showed up in the movie, he was badly injured (huge scars and missing leg) but I was glad to see him again, he even helped the crew ^^ I so loved the reactions of Luffy, Zoro and Sanji at the public bath while seeing Kuzan (I think I should stop calling him Aokiji since he's not a Marine anymore…) but Nami's reaction was the best lol
Speaking of Nami, oh my!!! She was the cutest character in the movie, I actually died! lol There is no word to describe such cuteness~ I wish I could insert some screenshots of her, but I don't have a BD player on my computer…


Overall, this is a good movie, but actully I don't really know if I can be objective since it involves One Piece… Ahah…

Note: 09+/10



"Naruto Ball Z Shippuden – Heroes Come Back" link


My biggest video yet and now for my super important announcement:

I'm finally retiring from Anime Music Videos

Short Reason: I'm finally retiring from amvs to focus full time on my webshow, Battle Geek Plus, and many more video/film related projects.

Of course, here's the LONG explanation


That probably wasn't the news you were expecting or would EVER expect me to say.

But this is real. No tricks. No hidden agendas. No attention whoring publicity stunts. No secret comebacks.

I am finally retiring from amvs.

I know most people's reactions will be:

"What's the point of announcing a retirement? Why not go on a hiatus and just come back when you feel like it?"

It's not that simple, I'm afraid.

The thought of retiring from amvs may be completely unfathomable to most of you, and if you asked me a year and a half ago, I was also saying the same thing: "I'm gonna focus both on my film and amv work! I can do both!!!"

The reality is I can't do both.

Let's start with the entire amv process.

Most of you already know how incredibly time consuming the entire process of amv editing is from the planning, source gathering/converting, editing, distribution, convention showings, and responding to general feedback. Even the most simple edited amvs require ALOT of time and dedication in the planning phase alone. Not to mention that the editing phase is 90% improvisation work since a video will always look different than the one you plan in your head so that also takes up quite a lot of time. All of you who watch my videos should already know the incredible amount of effort and time I put into these things.

Back when I was a poor college student, I had all the time in the world to work on amvs, but now as a poor working adult, my time is far more limited. I know there's editors out there who can still pump out videos even with families and full time jobs, because if you're passionate about something, you'll still try to find the time for it. Even when I was working as a freelance editor and eventually settling for a corporate job when editing opportunities dried out, I still pumped out as many amvs as I could since I was still passionate about it at the time.

I'm not going to lie about the fact that my interest in anime and amvs has died out quite a bit, making it very difficult to make videos. I can only make so many DBZ and Naruto videos before the crowd gets sick of it and *I* get sick of it. The easy solution is to watch new shows and develop new ideas out of watching those shows, but what's the point if I can't get interested in anime anymore? Not to mention the incredible amount of time it takes to watch new shows, get emotionally involved with the plot, characters, etc, and to come up with story ideas.

I was also getting a bit tired of the limitations that I was stuck with regarding amvs.

Even though I can tell original stories with amvs, I was never telling them with my own characters or settings. After developing a passion for writing my own stories and telling them in a narrative fashion from film editing, I long desired to bring those stories to life in a different way than amvs. I'm not saying that amv editing is a bad way to tell stories (considering how much I prefer story videos and amv editing is a fantastic way to tell a story in a short amount of time), but I wanted to move on from telling stories with someone else's characters to telling my own stories with my own characters, settings, and dialogue.

It's actually that my passion is somewhere else now, which was the main catalyst for my retirement.

Ever since I started getting more passionate about filmmaking and using that to make my webshow, it's proven to be a far more time consuming process. Not only do I have to do alot of work behind the camera like writing, producing and editing, I've been doing alot of work in front of the camera, like setting up shots and lighting, directing, and especially acting which is super fun (but also very difficult!). It's an entirely different process that I've been massively enjoying which has taken time away from amvs.

Plus the nature of webshows is a very different beast than amvs. In order to really become successful, you have to produce videos on a consistent (mostly weekly) basis in order to maintain a consistent audience. With amvs, I always did a "whenever I feel like it" schedule since there was no real pressure or financial gain to be had. However, ever since I've been working hard on my webshow, it's starting to make a little money and if I keep it up, I can start making a living off doing it. As an artist, there's no greater joy than making a living off your art.

Because of the time consuming nature of amvs and filmmaking, the hardest realization was that I can't do both. If I'm always worrying about what amv I'm going to make, then I'll NEVER have the time to work on my webshow and eventually films. In order to make room for one, I have to sacrifice the other.

What about my "amv fame" and status in the community? Does it still matter to me anymore?

When you start off as an amv editor, you have a desire to prove yourself, making it on the big screen, winning awards, entertaining the crowd, etc. which helps you become a better editor. If you've experienced the long and varied amv career that I've had complete with ups and downs (far more ups), you tend to mellow out and start feeling more content. Plus that desire to win awards and to prove yourself isn't as important anymore. You can finally say "Why not let someone else have their shot?".

It might be crazy to think why I'm retiring when I've hit the top of my game, but why *not* retire at the top of my game? Rather than making a mediocre video later and leaving without notice, I want people to say "It sucks that Castor Troy left, but that was a fucking awesome video he retired with!".

It's best that I leave at my absolute best rather than neglecting it later on and making excuses on why I don't edit amvs anymore.

I know I can top Naruto Ball Z Shippuden if I wanted to, but all that time and energy is much better spent towards working on my webshow and eventually making a living from it. I know that I *can't* just do simple ideas that don't push my creativity. Every idea I make requires so much time and effort that I don't have anymore. Naruto Ball Z Shippuden took 11 months (July 2010 – June 2011) of my life to complete and in that same time, I remastered my first 50 classic DBZ videos under the Castor Box. Counting the Castor Box, Naruto Ball Z Shippuden, and my AX2011 Iron Chef video, I've done 52 videos from 2010-2011 alone, so you can see why I can't dedicate the time to make amvs anymore.

While it does suck that I have tons of ideas that will never be made, I don't have anymore loose ends or incomplete videos lying around. Maybe one of these days, I'll post all my now discarded ideas (if I remember them all).

I can also go out knowing that I've gotten pretty much everything I've wanted award wise from amvs. While I never won the AWA Masters Jacket, I finally won the coveted AX director's chair I've wanted after a decade which is pretty much the prize I wanted the most.

But the most important thing was entertaining the audience which I was happy to do and accomplish time and time again. That was probably the greatest reward in itself.

Because this is my final video, I'm going to have to "troll" it out to more cons than I usually do (not too many, I promise! Maybe more than the 4-5 big cons) since I want to get everything I can from it before I officially go out. While I'm announcing my retirement now, I'm not *officially* retired until Naruto Ball Z Shippuden makes it's final con appearance by AWA or some con after that.

I really hope Naruto Ball Z Shippuden embodies everything I've tried to express in my whole body of amv work, especially storytelling. I literally pushed out everything I had both story and editing wise and I think it definitely shows. It's the last one I had in me, so I hope you all enjoy it.

But this doesn't mean goodbye.

Now that I'm done *making* amvs, I still plan to hang around the community as a spectator. I still plan on sponsoring prizes for Brad's AMV Iron Chef events and now that I don't have to make amvs or worry about contests anymore, I can start focusing on helping others get *their* amvs shown by running panels and showings myself. The only time I will edit amvs again is if I'm forced to Iron Chef, but at least that's only in the timespan of 2-3 hours.

In 2013, I plan to get the VG Projects shown at cons again for their 10 year anniversaries and I also hope to run a series of amv related panels with all the tips and tricks I learned from all my years of AMV experience (I want to do a panel called "How to make winning amvs and alienate people" at a future AX :P). There's no guarantees yet, but I still plan on hanging out in the community.

Many years ago, I was always wondering what it would finally be like to be "free" of making amvs. Not having to worry about contests, fame, and proving yourself time and time again. It's a HUGE relief to finally let it all go and not have to worry about it anymore. I can take solace with the fact that there are still quite a lot of dedicated and talented editors to step up to the plate and take my place.


After 13 years of amv editing and 81 videos (if you count my remakes and MEP segments, it's probably around 150+) it's finally time for me to close up shop and to start making a living off my art. I know my presence in amv contests will be missed, but this is definitely *NOT* a goodbye as I'll still be active in the community as a spectator, but no longer making videos. I still love amvs and still want to remain part of the community and I'll never forget where my roots come from.

I'm grateful for all the awesome times, and now I leave things to you guys and the next generation of editors. I hope you all enjoyed watching my videos as much as I had making them. 🙂

With all that said, Goku and I have finally won the Super Bowl!


My amv career begins and ends with Goku. Thanks for the awesome 13 years.

Ryan "Castor Troy" Molina



Me (teasing and adressing in her choice of what seems like green party gown that she just buy while shopping, tonight): "I like the dress that you just picked up. it's green. something in your mind, maybe? like saying "yes" to your boyfriend in going to be a hot date? biology clock start to tickling?"

Her (actually PINCH my arms! and then pointed at my red jacket that I wear outside my brown uni): "Needs me to bring you a mirror? you wearing red. but I didn't thinking of you as a damn red traffic light, am I?"


“No, I guess you’re not… but, hey, since you’re going to wear it and you just said yourself, it's green as a green traffic light, which is means “Yes” to move on, right? Then, it’s only means your boyfriend allowed to do that, baby”

Her: “…Okay, you’ve got a point, there. wait, is that means that being green are always alright for being used in sexually content? Zoro also green. is he allowed to being ravished by every each of his friends?"

Me (at this moment already shocked she knows ZORO! ps: and now, after I reached home, I just realize, that I think she's just successfully avoided my early question): "You read one piece?! I didn't know that!"

Her: "No, but I used to watched the cartoon at global tv (one of the local tv in here). so, is he allowed to being ravished by each of his friends?"


“Yeah, his body like flashing this “Come On, You Allowed To Ravished My Hot Body” lamp. and being red like Luffy, are only means “No” to move on. that you’re not allowed to “touch” it. something like “Captain Out Of Touch”, or “You Touch You Burn”, maybe… and only the big bro allowed to touch the lil bro!"


Her: "The big brother?"

Me: "Yes, Luffy has a big brother whos able to control fire. so, touch the little bro, you'll get burn, since he's the only one allowed to do so"

Her: "Ah, I remember him!… but, if he's the only one allowed to touch Luffy, then that just like, incest, right?"

Me: "Yeah, I know. I'm only just kidding here, shan. I don't like it too. for me personally, the big brother already has his own favorite traffic police officer…"

Her: "What? traffic police officer?"

Me (somehow, I'm still not ready yet, to explained to her about my fondness in smoxace :P): "Hehehe, nothing"

Her (just stared at me): "What? Ok, how about Sanji, then? yeah, the one who can cook. he's wearing black, I think. so, no black in traffic light, right?”

Me: "Actually oda-chi, the creator, intended him in blue as his color"

Her: "But, there's also no blue in traffic light, rin"

Me: "Well, yeah… but there’s a yellow as his blonde hair. I say, probably for Sanji, it’s means “Becareful”, do him with care, since he actually can be fragile enough to break. and if you do him wrong, just like when you’re speeding and ran afoul a red traffic light, you might had to stop, dealing with the consequences, pay the traffic ticket for your mistakes. by this point, it’s means you might already broke your relationship with him. or not, depends on how you handling the consequences. but, man, if you becareful and know how to treat him right, well, ya know what I means…"

Her: "The way you explaining it, somehow, it's like Luffy want to ran afoul his own red traffic light and sleeping with Sanji"

Me: "Who knows, it might actually happened if Sanji cooked him lots of meat, you know"

Her (giggles): "Yeah, what's up with him and all those meat, anyway?"