Bleach: Ichigo/Rukia, Lime Table Prompt 22, M

Title:  Rush Over Me
Author: Silvia (nightshade_ave )
Fandom: Bleach
Pairing: Ichigo/Rukia
Rating:  M – sex, sex, and sex.  You've been warned.
Prompt: Lime table 22 – Intoxicated With Your Taste
AN/Disclaimer:  Ichigo seems more virginal to me than Rukia, and I don't think she's the sit-back-and-let-him-do-everything type that she often gets portrayed as in IchiRuki smut fics.


Rush Over Me


It was like there was no time.  A rush to make it inside her room, hands groped for hold of clothing to pull it away from heated skin.  With the door closed behind them, Rukia pushed against Ichigo and his back slammed against the wall only a few feet inside her quarters.  She had her hands wrapped around his neck, her body pressed intimately to his and she struggled to breathe between kisses. 

Rukia kissed Ichigo like he was water and she hadn't had a drink for days.  Her tongue touched every corner of his mouth she could reach; his cheeks, his lips, across the front of his teeth.  With that last one he let out a low growling sound from his throat.  Something about that always gave him chills, in a very good way.

Ichigo, while still fighting back with his own tongue, was busy trying to untie her obi to pull her kosode and shitagi free from her hakama.  While he worked at his task, she let go of his neck to do the same, but accomplished her goal far more quickly.  She nearly ripped his shitagi open, baring his chest to her.  He let out a quick breath and shuddered slightly when she started running her hands up and down his abdomen. 

Ichigo felt his face flushing and his blood running to every part of him she touched, and more.  She always had this effect on him and it drove him crazy in a way; he knew he could use his hands against her to elicit similar reactions but not when she was touching him like this.  He felt like he was in a drunken stupor, and all he could do was hang on until he finally caught hold of reality again.

"Rukia," his eyes closed instinctively when she started kissing and licking his chest.  It felt so amazing he was afraid his legs were going to give out from under him and he'd fall to the floor.  So he held on to her for dear life, his arms wrapped around her shoulders and one hand on the back of her head.  She pushed her body closer to his, and pushed one of her thighs up between his legs to brush against him and he was afraid he'd come right then and there.

Rukia pulled back from him for a moment to see how out of sorts he was.  His face was flushed and he'd let go of her when she moved to use his arms and hands to prop himself up against the wall.  His breathing was ragged and his face was red, his eyes dark with desire.  She loved doing this to him, making him look so vulnerable but full of love for her, and only her.

Rukia gently pulled on his left arm and dragged him into her apartment and toward her bed.  Shortly after she had returned to the Soul Society after the war, she'd had a western style bed put in her room–something about it reminded her of nights where she huddled next to him under the blankets of his own bed.  And it was useful for the times he'd visit and they wanted their privacy from her brother, though she was sure by now he knew what was going on.  The shocking thing was that he'd never said anything about it, or even glanced at her twice.

None of that mattered now, as Rukia pushed him back gently onto the bed.  Ichigo threw his head back for a moment to catch his breath, his knees bent over the edge of the bed.  While he took a moment to breathe, Rukia quickly untied her obi and stepped out of her hakama.  She pushed against his knees gently with her hands and he took the hint to slide back farther onto the bed so his head was actually up at her pillows.  Rukia crawled up onto the bed over top of his body and settled over his hips where she sat.

Ichigo propped himself up on his elbows and Rukia met his lips with hers.  She cupped his face with her hands and kissed more tenderly this time, slow and sensual.  It wasn't as much of a rush now that she knew she had him, literally responding underneath of her.  She pushed down a bit across his hips as she could clearly feel through his hakama that he was aroused, and she consequently felt him suck in a breath at her movements.

After a few minutes of this slow torture, Ichigo was ready to die of bliss when Rukia pulled away from his mouth.  She scooted back a bit and began to untie his obi.  He wanted to say something special, something romantic, but his brain was too fried to make his mouth move.  No sooner had his head stopped spinning when she already had her hands all over him.  Ichigo threw his head back, still propped up somewhat on his elbows but he knew if he watched her he'd come and he didn't want that to happen just yet.

Rukia knew what she was doing; she loved it when his head was thrown back and his eyes shut tight, face completely flushed.  She loved him and she loved knowing that she could make him happy.  She kept working her hands up and down his penis, a thumb pressing gently on the head every few strokes.  He bit his bottom lip and a moan escaped from low in his throat.  She let go of him and pushed herself up on her knees, still straddling his hips but this time without the contact.

She reached forward and pulled gently on his wrists.  Ichigo sat up and let her direct him; she set his hands on her hips to indicate he pull off her panties.  He held his hands steady for a moment, rubbing small circles on her skin with his thumbs before he finally hooked them underneath the waistband of the fabric and pulled them down.  She assisted him and pulled her right leg up and through first, so he could pull them the rest of the way down her left.

She still wore her shitagi and kosode, and they hung open to reveal her breasts to him.  He said something once about seeing her like that was extremely erotic, and she liked to stay like that sometimes when they had sex.  She loved seeing him in the same way, because it reminded her of when he showed up from the sky on that bridge to save her.  When she never thought she'd see him again and here he came, like the big damn hero, literally flying in to save her.  She knew then without a doubt that her heart belonged to him, and would for as long as she lived.

Rukia slowly pulled his hakama down just enough to reveal the most intimate part of him to her, and she moved forward once more.  She steadied herself with her left hand pressed against his abdomen, and held on to his penis with her right to guide him true.  She slowly settled herself down onto him and she heard him mutter a curse under his breath.  When she had him in to the hilt, Rukia let out the breath she was holding.  Every time with him felt like the first time all over again; the same swelling of emotions in her chest and the overwhelming need to tell him how much she loved him. 

After holding still for a moment to adjust herself and give him time to raise his head once more, Rukia started to move.  Just small little wiggles of her hips at first, and it was plenty for them both.  Ichigo finally sat upright and gently pulled her face to his for more tender kisses.  He held onto both sides of her jaw and she set her hands on the top of his shoulders to keep her balance.  She started to move up and down a bit more aggressively, though still starting slow and he would occasionally release her mouth to let out a ragged breath.

It didn't take long for Rukia's languid movements to push Ichigo over the edge.  He closed his eyes and bit his bottom lip as he came, and Rukia let out a strained sigh as she came a few moments after.  She wrapped her arms around his neck and pulled his face to her chest.  "I love you," she heard him murmur into her collar bone.

"I love you," she replied and kissed the top of his head.  She rubbed her fingers into his scalp at the base of his head, and breathed into his hair.  They stayed together like this for several moments before he finally felt ready to go again, and this time he was determined to do the majority of the touching.  He gently switched positions with Rukia, and set her on her back beneath him.  He smiled lazily at her, one of his true smiles that only she saw.  He bent down to kiss her once more, and both realized they couldn't possibly feel more of anything than they did for each other.





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