Me (teasing and adressing in her choice of what seems like green party gown that she just buy while shopping, tonight): "I like the dress that you just picked up. it's green. something in your mind, maybe? like saying "yes" to your boyfriend in going to be a hot date? biology clock start to tickling?"

Her (actually PINCH my arms! and then pointed at my red jacket that I wear outside my brown uni): "Needs me to bring you a mirror? you wearing red. but I didn't thinking of you as a damn red traffic light, am I?"


“No, I guess you’re not… but, hey, since you’re going to wear it and you just said yourself, it's green as a green traffic light, which is means “Yes” to move on, right? Then, it’s only means your boyfriend allowed to do that, baby”

Her: “…Okay, you’ve got a point, there. wait, is that means that being green are always alright for being used in sexually content? Zoro also green. is he allowed to being ravished by every each of his friends?"

Me (at this moment already shocked she knows ZORO! ps: and now, after I reached home, I just realize, that I think she's just successfully avoided my early question): "You read one piece?! I didn't know that!"

Her: "No, but I used to watched the cartoon at global tv (one of the local tv in here). so, is he allowed to being ravished by each of his friends?"


“Yeah, his body like flashing this “Come On, You Allowed To Ravished My Hot Body” lamp. and being red like Luffy, are only means “No” to move on. that you’re not allowed to “touch” it. something like “Captain Out Of Touch”, or “You Touch You Burn”, maybe… and only the big bro allowed to touch the lil bro!"


Her: "The big brother?"

Me: "Yes, Luffy has a big brother whos able to control fire. so, touch the little bro, you'll get burn, since he's the only one allowed to do so"

Her: "Ah, I remember him!… but, if he's the only one allowed to touch Luffy, then that just like, incest, right?"

Me: "Yeah, I know. I'm only just kidding here, shan. I don't like it too. for me personally, the big brother already has his own favorite traffic police officer…"

Her: "What? traffic police officer?"

Me (somehow, I'm still not ready yet, to explained to her about my fondness in smoxace :P): "Hehehe, nothing"

Her (just stared at me): "What? Ok, how about Sanji, then? yeah, the one who can cook. he's wearing black, I think. so, no black in traffic light, right?”

Me: "Actually oda-chi, the creator, intended him in blue as his color"

Her: "But, there's also no blue in traffic light, rin"

Me: "Well, yeah… but there’s a yellow as his blonde hair. I say, probably for Sanji, it’s means “Becareful”, do him with care, since he actually can be fragile enough to break. and if you do him wrong, just like when you’re speeding and ran afoul a red traffic light, you might had to stop, dealing with the consequences, pay the traffic ticket for your mistakes. by this point, it’s means you might already broke your relationship with him. or not, depends on how you handling the consequences. but, man, if you becareful and know how to treat him right, well, ya know what I means…"

Her: "The way you explaining it, somehow, it's like Luffy want to ran afoul his own red traffic light and sleeping with Sanji"

Me: "Who knows, it might actually happened if Sanji cooked him lots of meat, you know"

Her (giggles): "Yeah, what's up with him and all those meat, anyway?"




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