To think I never mention it nor post about it is such a shame!!
Yeah, One Piece is my ultimate favourite manga ever!!
I should do an entire entry about the things I like in the story, but it would take too long (more like I'm kind of lazy ^^" but I will someday for sure ^^). But yeah, I so love the manga, everything little thing about One Piece is so good, I think the chara development is one of the best of all (shônen) manga as well as the main characters background stories. Each member of the Mugiwara crew is well developed (be it the past or the present self, it's well done).
Anyway, today I finally watched the latest movie, One Piece Film Z (on BD as my birthday present, thank you lil' bro ^^)

The story itself is okay. In a nutshell, it is about Z, ancient admiral Zephyr of the Marines, who is retired and because he has a hatred for pirates, has decided to create the Neo-Marines to eradicate all of them in the New World (Shin Sekai). For that, he stole strong dynamites from Marine, making himself one more ennemy. After a fight against Kizaru, he is saved by Luffy and his crew but as soon as he learns they are actually pirates, he attacks them and almost destroys Thousand Sunny Go. The Mugiwara goes for a second round, but Luffy loses and more importantly Z steals his straw hat, and thus his promise to Shanks to return it as a great pirate…


Should I for the pros and cons – like/dislike now? Well, let's go for the cons first.
The things that disturbed me are the lack of actions, the rhythm and the end.
First the lack of action, yeah, there barely were fights, and during the actual battles there wasn't much of it, it was either interrupted, unfinished or too short… The opponents were so weak, I was a bit disappointed, I mean only Luffy has a decent fight since he takes the strongest opponent on (which is understandable since he's the captain and strongest), but then, I feel sorry for Zoro… Since the two-year reunion, he hasn't had any decent fight, knowing how strong he really is, it's such a shame to let him fight people way too weak for him… He deserves a real fight! I wan't to see Zoro at full power! He should fight an admiral at least, someone like Kizaru… That'd be much more of his level and a good opponent… On a side note, I'm so happy to see the girls defending themselves, Nami and Robin got real stronger and a lot more confident… Seems like they all realised what it meant to be part of the crew of the king of pirates-to-be, that is one condition to be able to stand next to and accompany Luffy for sure.
Second, there is a lack of dynamics and so, sometimes it feels long because there is no action, overall there is no balance between leisure time, serious moments and fights. And since it's a shônen battle type, we kind of expect a great fight until the end… it doesn't really come…
Last, the end. The fight between Luffy and Z seems to lack of power, but to me, even if it is a simple fists fight (naturally since Z is super strong and doesn't own fruit of demon power) it is so intense! The battle is about powerful fists between Luffy's Red Hawk mode and Z's Black arms. At the end, only Luffy stands up, but they are pretty well damaged. I wish we could have seen the crew leaning towards their next stop (which is Punk Hazard) instead of just seeing them escaping right after the battle… So it felt incomplete…. or more like a long regular episode of 1h47 instead of a movie with a real conclusion… Maybe I just think burying Z is not a right ending since to me the movie should be more focused on Luffy and his crew and not on Z… So even if the story began with Z, I think it should have ended with the crew continuing their journey with Luffy looking at his straw hat and remembering once again his promise with Shanks (since he painfully got it back from Z).

The things I greatly appreciate, new outfits, chara design, last battle, the cool mood around the Mugiwara and the light appearance of some strong figures of the story.
The new outfits are without a doubt one of the things to look forward, there is a cool, friendly and elegant vibe. Each member's style is interesting and well created, I have a huge preference for Zoro's style. Indeed, he tries out the megane style lol but he looks so great! It feels so cool and elegant at the same time. And the Zoro's suit style killed me! It was perfect! I would love it if Brook were in charge of the style of the crew again. And thus, the chara design is particularly good, Ain looks a bit like Robin, but still she looked great, and everyone looks so cool.
As I said earlier, the last battle with Luffy and Z (not Z and the Marines) is very intense knowing it is only a fight with powerful fists. I really liked the dramatic tension within it. And Luffy's red hawk is so impressive (there's a lot of haki in it), I love it.
I was glad to see Aokiji, since the two-year reunion, we didn't get to see him after he left the Marines, but he showed up in the movie, he was badly injured (huge scars and missing leg) but I was glad to see him again, he even helped the crew ^^ I so loved the reactions of Luffy, Zoro and Sanji at the public bath while seeing Kuzan (I think I should stop calling him Aokiji since he's not a Marine anymore…) but Nami's reaction was the best lol
Speaking of Nami, oh my!!! She was the cutest character in the movie, I actually died! lol There is no word to describe such cuteness~ I wish I could insert some screenshots of her, but I don't have a BD player on my computer…


Overall, this is a good movie, but actully I don't really know if I can be objective since it involves One Piece… Ahah…

Note: 09+/10





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