Google Glass human emotion detector is by far the creepiest wearable app


You know that old mood ring joke? A husband buys his wife a mood ring and uses the colors to tell whether or not he’s in trouble, and the punch line is when she’s mad, the ring leaves a red mark upside his head? Thanks to Fraunhofer IIS, there’s now a Google Glass app for this experience, complete with a probable smack upside your head or worse should you ever use the app on an unsuspecting person.

The camera on Google Glass has always caused a degree of concern, and in some cases that concern has been warranted. The ability to record or photograph with very little indication that you are doing so is mildly concerning if the hardware is in the hands of someone willing to cause trouble. The idea that the tech would be used as an effective surveillance device, though, has always been more than a little misleading. The heads-up display style tech has always been the most interesting ideas to have come from people tinkering with Glass, even going as far as to offer things like facial recognition in order to help remember people’s names more easily.

The Shore Human Emotion detector might take things a bit too far, though, straddling the line between creepy and cool.


Using facial tracking and a proprietary set of tools, this app crawls along at 10fps on Google Glass to let you know the emotional status and a rough guess at the age of the person you are currently staring at. The app needs a live video feed and keeps the display active, which means it will be obvious to the person you are scanning that you are doing so. It also means Google Glass will last about 10 minutes before consuming 50% of the battery, but if you’re dropping into full-on creeper mode with this app, there’s a good chance you have figured out how to keep it powered.

While emotion detection by itself is an interesting concept, deploying it on something like Glass isn’t the kind of thing many people are going to be happy with. Then again, the app itself serves as an interesting indicator for what wearable tech can do for heads-up displays.




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