As stated in an earlier article, a meme (pronounced MEEM) is a concept (image or phrase) that becomes popular on the Internet.  Memes can reflect a person’s attitude, predicaments, and just about anything else.  Thanks to Rage Guy, Forever Alone, Troll Face, and other Rage Comic Memes, personal moments of failure, win-itude, and everything within the spectrum can be humorously documented.

First of all, what are Rage Comics? Named after Rage Guy (we’ll get there)  they are often funny comics using various memes.  Comics often use the French word for the, “le,” for humorous effect in describing things. supplies the handy Rage Builder for easy access to creating your own as well as viewing others.

Finally, getting into those memes:

Have you ever been so angry that you wanted to shove explosives into a watermelon and drop it off a 10-story building?  As fun as it sounds, this anger leads us to Rage Guy.  If there is ever an epic fail or a certain moment of pwnage that happens to you, you’ll know his feelings of rage.

This next one’s a doozy.  Have you ever thought that someone is being intentionally mean or stupid just to tick you off?  These antagonists are abundant on the Internet.  Leaving irritating answers to questions.  Tricking you into going to… bad sites.  Asking Mormons how magnets work. These horrors are known as… TROLLS.  The Trollface meme sums up the jerk’s expressions quite well. Urban Dictionary describes them as  “a rather deformed face meant to display the expression that trolls have whilst angering people…”  In other words, “annoyingness” is the result of an uneducated opinion being suppressed by people with actual brains.  And, thus, the idiot decides to troll rather than the troll making (and I quote) “intentional logical fallacies.” Almost always, the trolling is served up with one of three Rage Guy-inducing phrases: 1) Problem? 2) U jelly? 3) U mad?

Sometimes, the Trollface is not all bad.  He has made great strides in science… sort of.  Troll Science consists of theories that are just so ridiculous that the only scientist fit to explain them is the Trollface. Often, Troll Science is stupid and makes no sense, but occasionally you find one that perhaps just might work.

This next meme involves something everyone loves: insulting celebrities!  The Cereal Guy always looks at pictures and says things like, “He/She will never have a girlfriend/boyfriend.”  Then, the photo is revealed to be a celebrity from years past. Upon realizing said celebrity is the weirdo he just insulted, he performs a cereal-spit-take.  Occasionally, he pokes fun at TV shows, often Dora the Explorer.

I can somewhat sympathize with the following meme.  Have you ever walked through the park or somewhere and seen a couple together?  They’re just mocking you with the fact that they have a shoulder to lean on.  Are your so-called friends leaving you out of everything?  They must be laughing cruelly at you behind  your back!  If this is the case, then you must have felt like Forever Alone.  No friends, no love… heck, he needs to tie sausages around his neck to get his dog to play with him.

Moving along to the next subject,  imagine that you’re on a bus. No one’s talking. All of a sudden, a loud noise and an awful smell emanates from the weirdo behind you.  Everyone turns and looks. He dons a face that reveals not a hint of emotion–a face impossible to read, even though you can probably tell what he’s thinking anyway. That is Poker Face

The next meme deals with irritation, which  is abundant nowadays.  For good reason, too.  It just makes you want to throttle the cause of it.  When you’re feeling more like Internetting and less like throttling, try a dose of the Y U No Guy.  This meme originated in a comic. No idea what it was about, all I know is that a guy was angry and made a crazy face (see below) and said some bad language.  Due to said bad language, I will not be showing this comic.  Don’t look for it.  Anyway, what I really like about the Y U No Guy is that he is both a rage comic meme and an Advice Dog meme–much diversity. TEENWEBZINE READERS? Y U NO LOOK UP MOAR PICS?

Also, in a manner similar to the Y U No Guy, Photoshop trolls add humor and a fun hint of poetic license.

Good news, everybody! I’m going to teach you something!  In Spanish, “Me gusta” means “I like.” Fun to say, isn’t it?  You can only imagine the wacky antics the Me Gusta meme explores. Running his hands under the sink’s soothing water. (Me Gusta) Using flavored lip balm. (Me Gusta.) Pushing his face against warm, recently printed paper. (Me Gusta. Honestly, I did that before I saw the comic it came from.)

Now, for the next meme.  If you have ever been told that you can’t do something, it inevitably just pushes you to do it, right? That’s the basis for Challenge Accepted.  With narrowed eyes and determined, crossed arms, he takes on any dare given.  Your iPod earbud cords tangled?  Challenge Accepted.  Humorously, on Google maps, the directions from Los Angeles to Tokyo involve kayaking across the Pacific Ocean.  Challenge Accepted.  (Those ubiquitous Photoshoppers added a life jacket and an oar to him in this comic.)

Have you ever encountered a ReCaptcha Security System in your internet browsing? It shows one or two words, often obscured by various graphics. Apparently, if a robot is trying to hack into things on your computer, it can’t read those words. Sounds handy for the machine apocalypse.  When one internet traveler found a ReCaptcha that said, “INGLIP SUMMONED,” he knew it had begun. What had begun? An incredibly clever idea. With the Gropagas of Trathira (also from those codes) as his minions and worshippers, he bravely leads the eternal battle against… something… while dispensing questionable advice, orders and anecdotes to his disciples.

Thus concludes this installment of our meme study.  A simple, little doodle submitted to may skyrocket into an out-of-control mega-trend.  Infinite possibilities for creativity. Any real significance or class?  Probably not, but they’re funny, to say the least.

(By the way, I really didn’t want to go through moving the paragraphs, trying to decide what goes where, so I’ll just put all the comics down here.  So what if I’m lazy?)


A decent rage comic. (Top left: Poker Face. Upper-mid-left: Rage Guy. Upper-mid-right: Trollface. Lower-mid-left: Challenge Accepted. Bottom: Determination. I might do more rage comic memes, possibly including him.)

Trollface engages in a battle of wit with Derpina. (Notice the rage at the end!)

…I need to try this.



Dude, be happy you have a phone. (Grumble, grumble…)

Moments later, Chuck Norris roundhouse kicked Cereal Guy into next week.

Yes, Lord Inglip. Their cuteness is a distraction to your greatness!

Be honest. Who hasn't done this?

Ah, here we see the wild photoshop gustas in their natural habitat… the internet.

Like this:

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