Google Glass gets Pandora app

Chris Davies

Google Glass now has Pandora support, giving the wearable another option for streaming music playback. The new Glassware pipes Pandora's ever-changing custom radio playlists to the headset, complete with support for starting a new channel or picking from a preexisting one.

As with any Pandora app, there's also support for shaping the playlist by marking it thumbs-up or thumbs-down.


That's handled by swiping and tapping on the touchpad on the side of Glass, which also controls play/pause, skip, and stop. However, voice commands can be used to load a Pandora station, or to create a new one.

The audio itself can be played back via the single earbud which Google began included with its mildly-refreshed version of Glass at the end of 2013, or using a USB stereo headset if you have one. Those who don't care about audio quality can even listen to Pandora through the bone-conduction earpiece, but it's not likely to be an especially gratifying experience.


Pandora actually came up with the app after a company hack-a-thon, with a team developing the initial version in just 72 hours. That was subsequently shown to Google, and the full app developed. The Pandora Glassware is free and available to install now.

VIA Google+
SOURCE Pandora




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