Google Glass update adds sharing to Google+ communities

Google-Glass-Logo.pngWith an update to Google Glass, Explorers can now share posts (including photos and videos) to Google+ Communities from Glass. 

Since Google Glass launched in beta about a year ago, the ability to share a message, picture, video, etc. has been available through SMS and Google+. In fact, Google+ has been one of the core features of Google Glass with the ability to join hangouts, receive Google+ notifications, and auto-backup photos from the very beginning. Explorers have also been able to add Twitter and Facebook to Glass in order to share content to those social media networks as well. However, it wasn't until a recent update were Glass Explorers able to share directly with a Google+ community.


Google+ Communities added to sharing options on Google Glass

Now when choosing to share something, a user's Google+ communities are shown as options, like the screen capture above for the Glass Explorers community on Google+. This update should increase the activity in communities related to Google Glass or a topic that warrants itself to sharing pictures and videos such as sports or cooking. However, as a Google Glass Explorer myself, I personally don't think I'm going to be sharing into Google+ communities very often.

If you're a Google Glass Explorer, do you see yourself sharing into Google+ communities often? Let us know in the comments below!




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